"Some current issues in obstetrics" - that was the topic of an educational seminar for the Purkyň foundation fund

On April 25, 2023, there was a lecture afternoon on the topic “Some current issues in obstetrics” organized by the Purkyna Foundation. Lectured by prof. MD Antonín Parízek, CSc. and MD Kateřina Anderlová, Ph.D. from the 1st Faculty of Arts of the UK and VFN Prague; the lecture afternoon was accompanied by prof. MD Karel Cvachovec, CSc., MBA.

The Purkyň Foundation organizes educational seminars for members of the ČLS JEP regularly in the spring and autumn. The last few seminars have been held in a hybrid format, which is very popular among doctors, with recordings of the lectures then available on the fund’s website for those unable to connect online. The Purkyň Foundation wants to continue the hybrid format of lecture afternoons.

Association House is already looking forward to organizing another seminar for the Purkyň foundation fund in the second half of the year.