By introducing cost-effective tools, technologies, and analytics you will save on expenditures. We strive to increase the number of members of your association by carefully selecting the most suitable communication channels and target audience. Our goal is to save you the worry of document management and the daily work of the secretariat, which we can do for you.

Secretariat Management

All agenda in one place. We will provide a suitable replacement in case of an illness, vacation or an unexpected event.

Financial Management

We will provide local and international services in line with the relevant legislation and design the most effective solutions with regard to the client´s requirements and possibilities.

Strategic planning and development

We will ensure the necessary sponsorship, staff and resources for project management, leadership and monitoring.

Management and Development of the Member Database

Since we can supply our own system for managing member databases, our clients do not have to invest a lot of time and large sums of money in their own system.

Marketing Management and PR

We will provide all the necessary marketing support for your association. Our clients do not have to search for individual services.


We will proactively manage your events from start to finish based on your requirements, covering all the logistics, organization and technical support.

E-ballot Online Voting System

Our certified system will allow you to prepare turnkey elections according to the relevant statutes of your association and the valid legislation.

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Thanks to having our own database of potential donors and sponsors, with whom we cooperate regularly on various projects, we can contact them immediately when the need arises.