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Accreditation Program

Accreditation Program EDTNA/ERCA Datum 19.11.2021   On Friday, November 19, the EDTNA / ERCA Accreditation Program Committee met. It was a plan for 2022 to

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Interview: Alice Foldynova

Interview with Alice Foldynova, Association Management Director Date 18.10.2021 Alice Foldynová works at GUARANT International (GI) as the Director of the Association House department. She

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CZESECT Congress

Kongres CZESECT 07.09. 2021 This week the congress of the CZESECT is taking place in the beautiful surroundings of the Hotel Zámek Berchtold just half

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EDTNA/ERCA Virtual Conference

DOPPS Symposium 03.09.2021 05/09/2021 15:30-16:45 EDTNA/ERCA Virtual Conference: Clinical Symposium The DOPPS Program at 25 years! Latest findings on dialysis practice and outcomesRegistration is open: Registration here

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IAVCEI Webinars

IAVCEI Webinars On 18th May we conducted another webinar from our series for the International Volcanic Association IAVCEI under the name of the 2021 Fagradalsfjall

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Webinar IFSO-EC

Webinar IFSO-EC Next week, Association House is preparing another webinar for our long-term client IFSO-EC. It is already the 7th webinar and we hope that

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About us

Association House provides management services and support for associations, operating as a separate brand of Guarant International spol. s r.o. We were the first providers of this service on the Czech market in 2003. Since then, the Association House team has gained a lot of valuable experience – we are continuously developing a wide range of high-quality services, paying particular attention to an individual approach and personalised solutions. The strategic importance of association management for clients is constantly increasing, particularly due to the connection between the services supplied by a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) and association care.

Why use association management services?

  • Possibility of full focus on your field of expertise while handing over administration and organizational tasks to our staff and thus saving time
  • Easier access to a wide range of professional services
  • Innovation proposals, development of your association, strengthening its position
  • New motivation for members of your association to participate actively in its operation
  • Full automation, digitalization, adaptation to current conditions (e.g. even during the pandemic)
  • Growth of sponsorship through new products, contacts and connection with PCO
  • Easier and more efficient organization of congresses, conferences, seminars, webinars and other events thanks to thorough knowledge of the association and interconnection of all activities

Our services

Secretariat Management

We will provide a suitable replacement in case of an illness, vacation or an unexpected event.

Financial Management

Our clients will enjoy trouble-free service of all components of financial management based on their specific needs and current situation.


Based on the evaluation of detailed analyses and our expertise, we will offer you an impartial view, our opinion and a proposal for further growth of your association.

Management and Development of the Member Database

Since we can supply our own system for managing member databases, our clients do not have to invest a lot of time and large sums of money in their own system.


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