Award ceremony of the Purkyň foundation fund

Award ceremony of the Purkyň foundation fund Date: 31.08.2023 In the first half of this year, the 8th edition of the publication competition for the best works published in high-impact journals for 2022 took place, which was announced by the Purkyň Foundation. The evaluation committee selected the best theses in the category of theoretical, internal […]

Association IFSO-EC has a new website

Association IFSO-EC has a new website On 4th May 2023, a live IFSO-EC webinar was held as part of the congress in Zürich, which was also streamed online. The webinar „BMS & Endoscopic Complication Management“ was hosted by Dr. Juan Pujol Rafols and Dr. Maria Valeria Matteo as moderators in cooperation with four excelent speakers, each of whom presented […]

Educational program ČAVLMZ

Educational program ČAVLMZ Date 17.4.2023 The Czech Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (ČAVLMZ) continues the year-round educational program, operating for the third year and it is our pleasure to present to you this year’s Education Program ČAVLMZ 2023, which will be in the spirit of “Back to Basics”. With this, the association has started a […]

Seminar: Let’s also think about (our) mental health

24.11.2022 On behalf of the Purkyně Foundation, we cordially invite you to the traditional autumn seminar intended for doctors of all medical specialties who are members of the Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně. This seminar is called “Let’s also think about (our) mental health” with the lectures given by prof. MD Cyril Höschl, DrSc., […]

6th Congress of the European ORL-HNS in Milan

6th Congress of the European ORL-HNS in Milan Datum: 07.11.2022 Our association Managers Barbora McBurney and Veneranda Klégr participated in the 6th Congress of the European ORL-HNS in Milan, which took place from October 29th to November 2nd, 2022. Their main role was to represent our clients (the European Laryngological Society -ELS) and the Union […]

Webinar IFSO

IFSO Webinar Date: 14.06.2022 The next IFSO-EC webinar entitled MEDICATIONS AND SUPPLEMENTATION CONSIDERATIONS FOLLOWING BARIATRIC PROCEDURES will take place on June 16 at 7 p.m. CEST. Join us and REGISTER HERE!


EDTNA/ERCA AGM 2022 Date: 31.05.2022 The EDTNA/ERCA  Annual General Meeting will take place on 11 September from 17:15 to 18:45. The General Assembly will take place as part of a conference at the deDoelen International Congress Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit the association’s website:

Association Management: New Client UEP

UEP – Union of the European Phoniatricians Since March 2022, the Association House has been providing the secretariat of the Union of European Phoniatricians – UEP. Veny Klégr was appointed the development manager of the association for our new client. We provide various services for UEP, such as secretariat administration, website administration, social network coordination, […]

EDTNA/ERCA Online Events March 2022

EDTNA/ERCA March 2022 EDTNA/ERCA organized a record number of online events in March. It was one webinar and two online seminars. At the Course, we approached the paid entrance fee for the first time, which led to increased membership registrations. Tickets were freely available on the Eventbrite platform. You can watch all free webinars on […]